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i think i'm going to start doing this on occasion to keep things in perspective, thankya Ramsey.

i can't claim this is in any way related to ccas, but here are my plus/minuses at the moment

+ potential promotion at work soon, but not getting overly-hopeful
+ halloween horror nights tomorrow night
+ i'm feeling much better in general these past few days
+ cleaned my room a lil yesterday, we finally got a vacuum
+ started being inspired to sketch again lately
+ drinking more water
+ playing tennis today (yay exercise!)
+ living with awesome friends

+/- ate a lot of oreos in the past few days (delicious but so horrible for me)

- financial situation currently not good (but see first plus for hopes of erasing this one)
- still not feeling as awesome as i'd like to
- have a crush i don't think is going anywhere
- i want more crushes to pursue but am horrible at pursuing
- i want to run my dnd campaign again but we are having a hard time playing at all lately
- i'm having a very hard time being as optimistic as i always thought i would always be, and it's kinda scary

current playlist includes: Owl City, Sneaker Pimps, Regina Spektor, Nellie McKay, Orgy, Depeche Mode, the Decemberists, Mates of State, Ted Leo, Maroon 5
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