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seventh inning fetch

now see a long time ago in a liquor store far far away there was this girl named Amy who was kinda retarded and eventually got fired for selling to a minor. Before that however she asked me several things, one of these things was whether chewbacca was a lion or a bear... to which i replied "...he... he's a wookie."

when she saw that i had brought a sketchbook and when asked i told her that i mostly drew my dnd characters (lets ignore the fact for the moment that she had no idea what dnd was... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh), she asked me if i did commission work, and if i did, if i could draw a picture for her, to give to her cousin as a present. the requested drawing was that of a dragon and dog playing together, something too ridiculous for most people to fathom, but of course my mind instantly just thought "well yeah, i guess if there were two dragons and one dragon just took the form of a dog that might work"... however that's niether here nor there, i told her no because she was stupid and I didnt wanna draw that stupid crap. I think i phrased it "I dont do commissions because i put too much pressure on myself and i can never feel like it's good enough."

she no longer works there, and if there is any justice in the world, she's probably been beaten to death. however...

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man. that dog sucks.

i was just messing with the new tablet, and i ended up accidentally drawing guile.

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and a scary old man.

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and for some reason when i look at this girl, i'm pretty sure that i ended up drawing gwen stacy at the moment of her death.

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